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5 Professional Networking Tips For Introverts To Ease Them.

Introvert in a professional meet up or group meeting
Professional Networking Tips for Introverts

How will I approach people? I am not a people person. I just can’t talk to people! What will I say to someone new I meet? I’m not the type who likes to attend bustling events. I don’t have the knack to network with professionals.

If you’ve heard yourself saying these phrases, then read on.

In today's times, networking is critical for growing one's career or business. However, many introverts feel anxious at the thought of networking.

Let’s break a myth. Being an introvert doesn’t mean you cannot network. More than 50% of people in the world are introverts. Don’t be surprised to learn that Elon Musk, Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg feature in the list of introverts. Being an introvert simply means that you happen to network differently.

You can successfully network in any field even if you’re an introvert.

Let’s dive into 5 proven networking tips for introverts

#1 Follow your own style.

It’s a common mistake to conclude ‘how networking is done’ by seeing how extroverts network within the snap of a finger. Right from attending huge events, approaching people, having the gift of gab and starting full-blown conversations.

This is not the fixed way to network. Networking also isn’t about being the best orator or speaker in the room.

Your conversations can be simple yet effective. Remember, people always respond to authentic conversations. A simple but genuine conversation will always interest people.

#2 Find out what type of networking fits you

Large-scaled events or a host of people – this kind of networking isn’t every introvert's cup of tea.

There are multiple types of networking communities – offline, online, one-to-one, one-to-many, office teams, casual parties, trade groups and more. Try our different networking communities and see what works for you. Once you identify the kind you can relate to, you will be in a better position to network more.

Networking involves building sincere relationships. You can be a part of a small or larger network group, but it’s important to see through your relationships with mutual generosity.

#3 Start networking with people you are comfortable with.

It’s important not to jump into a pool of huge events or people.

Start small and slow by networking with people who you are comfortable with. It can be a small group of classmates from your college days, past clients or even friends. This will help you build confidence. And over time you will be able to approach more people.

#4 Don’t hide behind the fact that you are an introvert.

Until you accept the fact that you're an introvert, you cannot go out and build relationships.

Often, introverts fail to network because they're more focussed on hiding who they are. They can't put on an act of being 'the mingling kind' for too long.

You don't even need to! Once you accept who you are, people will respect and appreciate it.

#5 It’s absolutely okay to take your time to network.

Every skill needs time. Keep working on your networking skill to build relationships.

It’s only when relationships are maintained, priceless opportunities can be unlocked. You can get first-hand access to business deals, job vacancies, prospective customers, investment ventures and quality leads just by being part of a strong network.

Since history, networking has been an integral skill to upscale a career or business. Your personality type shouldn’t be the reason to miss out on any opportunity that can help you climb up the ladder.

Here’s your chance to unlock the next-level advantage in your career. Rush into the New Rules of Professional Networking Workshop today.


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