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Success Mindset!

What creates success in life? 

The honest truth is, no one really knows and here is the reason why. 

A lot of factors are involved when we talk about success. One day success has a different meaning for us, whereas, on some other day, we might have different understanding of achieving it. 

But, there is one thing, that remains constant in success and its achievement. 

It's 'A Possibility Mindset' - an absolute need. 

A mindset that makes us believe that things are possible. 

Usually, we focus only on the limitations a situation has. We like to believe on the reasons due to which something might or might not happen and drop the idea of even trying to create from it. And we call it 'a limitation mindset'. 

Success or Possibility mindset is, where we think about creating results from a given situation, with limitations. 

Here I want to share an interesting story of one of my students, Gaurav. 

Once Gaurav wanted the entire batch of sixty people I was training, to attend a particular event. But the event was conflicting with the training I was doing, exactly on the same day.  

Gaurav requested me to shift my training to some other day. I was not going to get all the members rearrange their calendars, so, I refused. 

Gaurav asked me how we could make that happen if we really had to. I wanted him to go but Gaurav wouldn't budge. So, I suggested him to go to my office, find out another suitable date in my calendar. Then get every member's written affirmation. But, if even a single member objected, I wouldn't shift my training. 

Gaurav did everything I told and made it happen. 

He did it because he was constantly thinking about making it happen. His entire focus was not on the limitation, but, on the possibility. 

This inspires me every day and makes this story 'a perfect case study' of Possibility Mindset. 

Like Gaurav, we all can create results from any given situation, only if we have a different perspective.  

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