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5 Reasons why leaders need to network?

As a leader moves up in the organization, one more friend that he or she gets along with success is - loneliness. Yes, with lesser people to interact with find it difficult to have the support system, feedback, right guidance, insights, and information. The answer is networking. Leaders need to create their network of personal contacts which will be their guiding light and a safety net to fall back upon.

1. Leaders can keep their fingers on the pulse of the industry

It can be challenging for leaders to stay abreast of everything all the time. Leaders get pulled in several different directions trying to stay on top of a million things.

As other leaders feel equally eager to connect, they usually love to share their knowledge.

So, networking connects these leaders and offers a perfect environment to exchange ideas and knowledge where they meet and talk to other industry & thought leaders.

When facing a problem statement, talking to different visionaries and leaders gives fresh perspective to the same problem and allows us to think differently.

2. Leadership networking means leadership opportunities.

Nothing else offers so much opportunity as networking to find the right stakeholdersfor the benefit of business and organizations, for the role that needs to be played carefully.

Networking (inside and outside the organization) is the tool for leaders to form strategic alliances, find partners, referrers, and supporters and make friends with decision-makers, policy makers & influencers.

International conferences and conclaves, and leaders' retreats are the fertile grounds for leaders looking to hop on to bigger & roles. A lot of leaders often attend them with the view of shifting careers or scooping out opportunities.

3. Leaders might just find their next shining star here

As you network and have rich conversations with industry professionals, It is relatively easier to find and assess the people who would take your company to the next level.

Need a talented head of a business or a specialized resource? Just pass on the word to your right network and let the network send the relevant people to you.

Networking events are also great opportunities, in fact, well-known and valid job markets across industries. Navigating through networking events might bring you face-to-face with a talent you've been waiting for.

In fact, your organization's intra-networks (networking within the organization) can be extremely beneficial as it brings talented employees to light and you never know, you may find someone for the crucial hiring from within the company.

4. An opportunity to give life to ideas.

Many have great ideas, but only a few get the funding for those.

Join the brigade of leaders, angel networks, VC networks and invest in genuine, scalable ideas. You not only help build a healthy ecosystem for startups, at the same time get promising ROI (return on investment).

5. There's always room to move up – even if you’re on the top

Sometimes leaders find themselves stuck after reaching their goals. That should not stop you. If you keep networking, you might find unexpected opportunities — a financial or business partner, a company that wants to sell, or perhaps someone who wants to help you branch out.

Leaders don’t put their feet up the minute they are comfortable. They are hungry for more and are changemakers. The possibilities are endless if only you're willing to make the effort to network strategically with the right people.

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