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Success coaching with Paritosh is a deep engagement that focuses on creating breakthroughs. The program creates a confidential space for the busy leaders to consciously set aside time to assess, plan and reflect to create far greater results. With the inside out approach to life and success, Paritosh brings in a decade long experience of helping people create breakthroughs and learning achieved through his own journey and those he has helped!

Goals & Purpose, Business & Personal Relationships, 

Business & Career Success,  Networking & Leadership

The one on one program is highly tailored to the coachee's needs. The Key areas where the program focus include:

HOW do paritosh pathaks one on one coaching programs work

We recommend that you take the coaching program for a year, this will allow time to build a trusting relationship to build and work through the growth plan. All one on one coaching begin with a discover session to identify the key needs and then go through the following steps:

Step #1 Identify the goal and the purpose

This is the fundamental to everything, the why is at the core of this coaching program. Too often we are working to get somewhere, our path may also be clear but hidden somewhere is the wrong reason to be doing the right thing. And should this happen, reaching where we want to is not going to mean what it should have.

Step #2 Discover the limitations

It's ok, we all have them. Through the journey of our lives we tend to develop patterns (you may call them beliefs) that we hold within and our own beliefs come in the way of our own success. They tend to become our blind spots, they are there, they are working on us but often we can't see them.

Step #3 Create the Shift

The rest of the work will be on creating the shift and transformation towards achieving the goals that were identified at the beginning of the program. The program become the support and handholding in the journey constantly focusing on helping you develop the core to create the success you want.


Beyond a point, you need a coach who identifies YOU, and walks along with YOU. During the sustained monthly 121 coaching sessions, Paritosh, has helped me figure out my Opportunities and Risks, and also recommended specific actionables that helped create short term breakthroughs and a long term success plan.

Monishankar Hazra

Senior Director

United Health Group

Paritosh has been a mentor, a friend and a life changer in my life. He has been my first coach and practically introduced me to the coaching world. From being an introvert person who could never talk to anyone in an event or conference to someone who can interact with anyone and  everyone today and has made numerous connections and also taken numerous positions in various bodies.


All thanks to Paritosh, he guides me in every step and always suggests a better path to go on for a new improved version of myself every single day.

Kunal Singhal

Managing Director

Eazy Business Solutions

Kunal Singhal.jpg

Being based in London for 24 years, I was apprehensive of working with a remote coach. However, just one call with Paritosh changed my opinion and the programme gave me a lot more than I was expecting. Not only did I learn how to network genuinely, Paritosh helped me see and correct my own biases towards others. Today, I am a lot more confident in my own skin and come across as a genuine networker as opposed to pushing my own agenda.

Vinay A

Senior Director

JDA Sfotware

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