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Take Charge!

Your success matters to us. Your time and resources too. That's why we designed special programs for individuals and businesses with different objectives. 

Our trainings are action oriented, wherein you and your teams will work on our proprietary method of skills, systems and strategy to achieve desired results.

Bottomline is, people will do business with you if they know you, see value in you and trust you. - a mix of competence and character. This requires people to work on themselves inside out to create success.


Inbound Networking

For Trainers & Coaches

For those in the training & coaching industry who want to leverage the power of Paritosh Pathak's success, experience and networking principle to create an inbound flow of business and replicate his success.


  • Course Fee: INR 1,00,000 

  • Available in 3 easy instalments of 33,333

  • This Program comes with a money back guarantee.


Business Networking Mastery

For Financial Advisors

Targeted training for financial advisors, insurance consultants and self employed professionals in finance & insurance sector. It provides them a framework for creating success through networking and selling without barrier, 4X referrals, stronger credibility and much more..

  • Course Fee: INR 90,000 

  • Pre-registration Fee: INR 45,000 ( 3 easy instalments of 15,000)

  • This Program comes with a money back guarantee.


Stronger Than Ever Mastermind

For Those Looking To Create Holistic Success

​Mindset training for people for holistic personal growth that will eventually lead to the stronger professional growth. Focus of this training is on MICRO LEARNING CONCEPT developed by Paritosh Pathak. We work with people’s belief systems, relationships, self-image, confidence and all the intrinsic human elements, mastery of work.

  • Monthly mastermind sessions [Virtual]

  • 14 Days Free Trail

  • Course Fee: INR 4,999 Monthly

  • For a limited availble at INR 2,999 Monthly

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