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Experience The Next Big Thing In Networking...


Could a networking event even exist that is RELAXED enough that it naturally leads to building relationships and yet FOCUSED enough to result into tangible gains? 

Yes it is and such an event is here..!


In this un-networking event, you take the lead, not your business card, and see how your whole approach towards each other changes. 


Here you make real-time connections in an absolutely unique way!

Come, join us and experience this out-of-the-box networking event!!

1. This event is a unique combination of ease & strategy! It has been designed in a way that no matter what your networking style is, you'll be amazed how easy Networking is here!!

2: There is a Masterclass by the leading authority on the topic of Networking, Paritosh Pathak. You'll walk away with some gems after attending this!!

3: There are Strategic Networking exercises built into this event that ensure tangible takeaways for everyone!!


3 Big Reasons To Attend

Who Should Attend

Those Looking To:


  • Spend time with quality people

  • Build global relationships 

  • Grow their ability to Network

Who Should Not Attend

Those looking to:

  • Just collect cards 

  • Spam Everyone afterwards

  • Hoping to make a quick sale

UnNetworking @ Mumbai

INR 1999 + gst

4:00 - 7:00pm, @The Classique Club, Andheri West
Includes High Tea

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Meet the Mumbai Ambassadors

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April 29, 2023


July 29, 2023

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