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Could This Be the Game-Changer for Events and Conferences?

 Watch this video to witness why mastering event networking is the key to unlocking unparalleled opportunities

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"Event Networking Mastery" EQUIPS you with the SKILLS and STRATEGIES to master the art of networking, enabling you to forge MEANINGFUL CONNECTIONS without the need for HARD- SELLING tactics or extensive prior experience.

Discover the framework for seamlessly building powerful connections at Events and Conferences.
Join us as we dive deep into the strategies of successful event networking.

If you've ever found yourself struggling to make meaningful connections in the business world, stopping you from achieving success

or if you're uncertain about how networking at events and conferences can play a pivotal role in your business growth –


you're not alone. 

Perhaps you're well aware that so many business owners are reaping massive benefits from networking events..


and you're eager to discover how you can do the same.

Maybe you're already attending networking events but sense there's room for improvement. 

Whether you aspire to speak at other people's events or you simply want the right guidance from the right source ......................

– you're in the perfect place. 


Perhaps you haven't ventured into the world of networking events yet, or you've attended dozens but want to refine and optimize them to their full potential. 

Regardless of your situation, this message is for you.

Whether you're a host of your own events, leverage others' events, or do both,


'Event Networking Mastery' is your gateway to transforming your networking game and unlocking unparalleled opportunities at events and conferences.

Curious to know what this GAME - CHANGER is? Keep reading.

In 'Event Networking Mastery,' we'll dive deep into the strategies that can transform your approach to events and conferences.


From crafting the perfect introduction to understanding why business cards are becoming obsolete, we'll equip you with the skills to thrive in the networking arena.


Learn the art of post-event follow-up and discover how to turn every event into a significant opportunity for growth.


Don't miss this chance to elevate your networking game to new heights.

Event Networking Mastery, delves into the art of networking at events and conferences.


This workshop covers a range of vital topics, including crafting the perfect introduction, the evolving role of business cards in a digital age, the strategic follow-up process post-event and more.


We follow a hybrid training mode combining the best of in-person and virtual experiences, offering you the opportunity to connect with peers and experts seamlessly.


Whether you're a seasoned event-goer or just starting your journey, 'Event Networking Mastery' will empower you to make meaningful connections and leverage events for your personal and professional growth.


A leading name in the world of Business Relationships. Often called a "Magic Worker" by his clients, helps people break barrier with ease and unleash their inner Networker.


Paritosh's journey wasn't easy. He took the mantel of teaching Networking a decade ago when no one believed that this skill can be taught and learned. He coaches and trains Senior Executives, Professionals and Entrepreneurs all around the world to help them not just grow in business or career but also in their lives.

His journey with Networking started with setting up a BNI (a Business Networking Platform) in Gurgaon.

He is the author of "The Conscious Networking Revolution" handbook and believes that the quality of our Network, define the quality of our life.

As an international trainer / coach he is trusted by corporates like HSBC, Genpact, Australia Trade Commission, Zenica Cars, KNS Partners etc.

With his ability to create impact with speaking, Paritosh is also a sought-after international speaker trusted by Platforms like, G20 YEA Summit, MDRT (US & India), TiE, Nasscom, LIRT and many more.

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When people contemplate networking at events and conferences, they often have one of three common perceptions:

  1. Networking at events seems time-consuming.

  2. Networking is reserved for extroverts.

  3. Networking leaves me unsure of how to initiate meaningful connections.

While it's true that networking can appear challenging, it's essential to recognize that effective networking is the most important thing for your professional growth.

When done right, networking can open doors and create opportunities that are unparalleled in any other aspect of your business. It's all about knowing the strategies and techniques that make networking not only effective but also enjoyable and fulfilling.


Ready to transform your networking game? Join us for 'Event Networking Mastery' to gain the insights needed to excel in the world of networking at events and conferences.

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As an introvert, it scared me too.
But, I've managed to understand the art of networking at events and conferences.


Through my journey, which includes speaking and networking at various events,  I've come out with key lessons and insights.


The truth is, it's not as daunting as it may seem. 


There are few steps which are the foundation of successful networking at events, and I'm here to guide you through the process, regardless of your introverted nature.


It's all about understanding and applying these strategies effectively to unlock your networking potential at events and conferences.

How would you like me to unveil EVERYTHING you need to master networking at events and conferences in YOUR professional journey, and equip you with ALL the essential tools?


Get ready for an extraordinary experience at our Event Networking Mastery Workshop!


This is your golden opportunity to uncover the principles behind effective networking at events and conferences, enabling you to forge profound connections and maximize your professional potential.

As someone with a wealth of experience in hosting numerous successful events, I can assure you that this workshop is packed with strategies that hold immense promise.


The art of networking is a game-changer, and I'm here to guide you every step of the way.

Why should you join us? 🤔

  • Proven Strategies: Learn time-tested techniques to network like a pro.

  • Real-World Experience: Benefit from my wealth of experience in hosting events.

  • Maximum Impact: Discover how to create meaningful connections that matter.

  • Endless Opportunities: Networking can be your gateway to unparalleled growth.

Register now and elevate your networking skills to new heights. It's time to take your career and connections to the next level!

But don't just take my word for it!


Here are some testimonials from my students who have experienced the transformational power of the workshops.



1. Introduction: The Power of Networking
   - Personal success stories: real-life ROI from networking.
   - The ripple effect: How one connection can change everything.


2. Understanding Networking Objectives
   - Define your "why": Why are you attending the event?
   - Setting clear and measurable goals.


3. Mindset & Overcoming Fear
   - Breaking the myth of the "natural-born networker."
   - Strategies for overcoming introversion or nervousness.
   - The growth mindset: networking as a learnable skill.


4. Research & Preparation
   - Event recon: Know the speakers, attendees, and schedule.
   - Crafting your elevator pitch.

   - Tools and apps for effective event networking.



5. Body Language & First Impressions
   - Commanding presence: posture, eye contact, and the art of the handshake.
   - Mirroring and building rapport.


6. Effective Communication Skills
   - Active listening: making others feel heard.
   - Asking open-ended questions.
   - Storytelling: sharing your experiences in a compelling way.


7. Networking Strategies & Techniques
   - Working the room: navigating events and conferences.
   - The power of groups vs. one-on-one interactions.
   - Identifying and approaching key individuals.

8. Digital Networking
   - Leveraging LinkedIn and other platforms before, during, and after the event.
   - The etiquette of connecting online.


9. Follow-Up Mastery
   - The importance of timely follow-ups.
   - Crafting personalized messages.
   - Strategies for long-term relationship nurturing.

 10. Building and Maintaining Your Professional Network
   - Categorizing and prioritizing connections.
   - Regular "touch base" strategies.
   - Giving back: the power of helping others.


11. Role-playing & Simulation
   - Mock networking sessions: practice makes perfect.
   - Real-time feedback from peers and trainers.

12. Creating Your Action Plan
   - Setting post-workshop goals.
   - Accountability partnerships: Pair up with fellow participants to hold each other accountable.


13. Conclusion & Commitment
   - Sharing key takeaways and insights.
   - Commitment exercise: What's one thing you'll implement immediately

Our events in action, where people succeed and make valuable connections!

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I can tell you're eager to know the price, and I'm excited to share it with you.

And so, here it is. 



This workshop is the key when it comes to event networking, introductions, follow ups and many more.

Get exclusive access to the Event Networking Mastery Techniques for a lifetime.


Up until this point, the only way to get access to this information was to pay Rs. 7999/- +gst AND get a private invite from me.

I’m going to let you have the ENTIRE system, easily worth
the INR 7,999/- +gst 
 for just ONE payment of 

ONLY INR 3,999!!!! +gst

Believe it or not, you're investing just Rs. 3,999 for the content that others have invested a minimum of Rs.7,999 +gst in.

In simpler terms, you're essentially receiving an additional RS. 50,000 worth of value... absolutely complimentary once you gain entry.

Mind-boggling and extraordinary? Absolutely.

Kindly click below right away to secure your spot.

Your exclusive access will be sent your way as soon as you complete the $3,997 payment here:

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My proven method for effortlessly connecting with industry leaders to supercharge your network (valued at $TBD, offered at no cost).

The 'ENS' (Event Networking Strategy) that guarantees fruitful interactions at every event (estimated at $TBD).

A comprehensive roadmap to mastering networking events - covering everything you need to know (estimated at $TBD, free for you).

The exclusive 'Elevate Your Network' module, where you'll discover how to maximize the true potential of your connections (valued at $TBD).


Utilizing Networking Events to catapult your career and opportunities (valued at $TBD, provided at no extra cost).

Plus, a bundle of exclusive bonuses that have never been released before and are available ONLY here and now (valued at $TBD), including:


  • BONUS #1! A suite of essential networking tools, templates, and actionable guides (valued at $TBD, yours for free).

  • BONUS #2! The 'Networking Pro' Resource Kit for boosting your networking prowess (valued at $TBD, included at no charge).

  • BONUS #3! The 'Strategic Connections' Handbook, a comprehensive guide to making meaningful industry contacts (valued at $TBD).

  • BONUS #4! The 'Influence and Impact' Action Plan to stand out in your networking endeavors (valued at $TBD, given to you free).

  • BONUS #5! The 'Network Like a Pro' Checklist, ensuring you make the most of every networking opportunity (valued at $TBD, yours as a complimentary gift).

Stay tuned for the final bonus offerings as we prepare to unlock your networking potential at 'Event Networking Mastery'!

Unlimited, unrestricted, and instant access to the ENTIRE Event Networking Mastery program (valued at $50,000), which includes:

TOTAL VALUE = Rs. 10,000

YOU PAY = ONLY Rs. 3999/-

Pause and reflect on this for a moment...

What's the most EXCEPTIONAL outcome you can envision?

Everything I've shared holds true, you embark on your journey into networking mastery, achieving remarkable success, and expressing your gratitude to me indefinitely.

On the flip side, the less favorable scenario?

You give it a shot, and in an unusual turn of events, it doesn't yield the expected results. But here's the silver lining—you retain all the invaluable insights, tools, and strategies, AND I promptly refund your investment.

Pretty appealing, isn't it?

To clarify, you do NOT require any of the following for

"EVENT NETWORKING MASTERY" to be a game-changer for you:



  • A vast list or a large existing audience of customers or fans.

  • Prior experience in advanced networking.

  • Proficiency in public speaking or selling at networking events.

  • A significant financial investment to fund networking opportunities (they become self-sustaining).

Right now, you have two choices.

Option one: You can continue running your business without harnessing the incredible potential of networking, a surefire way to remain in a state of inertia without growth.

Or, there's option two: You can begin to unlock the immense power of networking, implemented the RIGHT way in your business, following the proven system I've personally crafted for you in "Event Networking Mastery."

I understand, just like you do, that you're not content with your current situation.

You've been searching for this opportunity for a considerable amount of time, and now it's right here for you.

The only Problem?

I can't determine how long I'll continue to offer this opportunity.

This isn't about maximizing profits for me.

If it were, I wouldn't set the price so low, at just $4k.

I've previously sold this for a staggering 10,000 per participant.

So, please don't delay and assume this will still be available next week or next month.

In fact, by this time next month, you could be strategizing (and even selling tickets for) your next networking event.


You could close this page and attempt to navigate this journey on your own, with no significant progress by this time next month.

Let's be candid here – going solo hasn't produced stellar results, has it?

Why not invest in a proven system tailored specifically for you?

This isn't just another passing trend; it's a sustainable solution.

Networking opportunities are on the rise, and a select few are capitalizing on them significantly.

You should join this movement before it's too late.

Remember, you're here for a reason.

Chances are, you've spent a substantial amount on coaches, courses, training, and more, right?

Well, I have too.

I'd wager that you've gained more value from my offerings than from most of the others you've invested in, haven't you?

Now, imagine the transformation when you invest in my COMPLETE system for


These events basically sell themselves! You’re going to LOVE these photos, btw! 

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