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3 ways to build a strong personal brand with networking

Your personal brand is all about you and the value you bring to the table. Once you build a powerful personal brand, it does the job for you – helps you reach and connect with the right audience and accelerates your business growth.

You can take my personal brand, for instance.

Log on to my website and the first thing you see is an on-stage image of me with an engaged group of people. It clearly portrays what I do – coach modern professionals and help them elevate their personal and professional skills. Go further down, and the next thing you see is my message to the audience, followed by the programs that I offer.

Using these elements, I call attention to my personal brand and attract the right people. But building a brand is not possible without good networking. Something that I always bet on.

Here are a few ways to use your networking skills to build a world-class personal brand for yourself:

1. Make the most of social media and networking sites:

If you want to build a personal brand, network well. Networking sites like LinkedIn and Instagram are the way to go. These sites make networking easy for professionals.

To make the most of it, stay active on these platforms and post about your skills, experience, and work. Leverage your uniqueness. You can share your achievements and even ask your old employers and colleagues to endorse you.

You can also share important resources or even content that you like. The key is to stay consistent and eventually build an identity that is in line with your core values.

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2. Showcase your work through your blog or portfolio:

Networking through blogs, websites, and portfolios is another popular, time-tested way of building a personal brand. If you attract a loyal group of readers or audience, you will become a brand in no time. Companies and individuals use these means to gain followers and reach the masses. Even freelancers can get more exposure by showcasing their work.

Behance and Dribble are platforms where designers showcase their work and even get recruited for projects. You can maintain a steady online presence on such platforms by sharing your projects.

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3. Connect with people at offline and online events:

Attending networking events and making new connections is the mantra that all successful professionals follow. But the relationship that you share with these connections will help you establish a personal brand.

While your online image does the work for you, you need to match it with your actions. You can offer help and connect people with potential employers. You can also use your skills to contribute to society.

Use your online and offline network, and connect with the right audience on a human level to establish yourself as a brand. Collaborating and connecting will strengthen your personal brand image.

All successful professionals have a brand value attached to them. They didn’t just earn it; they worked hard for it. Just like the Big 4 or names like Google, Apple, Nike, etc. built their name over years, you need to put in the work to create a phenomenon like them.

So, follow these tips and you will build a successful personal brand. Write to us about your personal favorite personal branding tips that worked for you.

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