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8 Brilliant Conversation Starters for Successful Networking

Do you hesitate to start a business-related conversation with a potential contact? Do you want to be a natural at starting conversations?

As successful business leaders and entrepreneurs, you understand the relevance of networking conversations in an event. But it is not always easy to reach out and talk to new people.

61% of marketers thought that events were the most effective marketing channel for achieving their business goals.

*According to the Event Marketing Trends and Benchmark

Here are 8 Brilliant Networking Conversation Starters that will never go out of style.

1. "How's the event so far? Are you enjoying it?"

When you see a potential client, you can go up to him, and ask about the event and if he is enjoying it.

Starting a networking conversation on a friendly note eases things for you. And the onus of talking falls on the other person. After they are done, you can add what you like about the event and perhaps introduce them to other professionals.

2. "So, what’s your story?"

When you can't think of anything else, you might want to start with “what do you do?” But think of a better way to ask this question: “What’s your story?”

This is a refreshing way to get started.

You can also share your story and find a common ground to which you can relate. In case you have someone in your network who can help them, share the contact, or ask them to reach out if they need help in the future.

3. “I was intrigued by your question. Quite impressive.”

Who doesn't like compliments? Starting a networking conversation by complimenting an attendee is a great way to form an impression.

It can be their dress, the way they speak, or anything that you find worth complimenting. Start the conversation and tell them about your career.

4. “Mind if I join?”

During networking events, many people have discussions in groups. Find a group of professionals that seem interesting and ask them if you could join.

You can interact with the group and learn from them. And if someone seems interesting, connect with them and see how it goes.

5. “Did you hear about the latest report on gig workers in India?”

Starting a conversation by talking about new and relevant developments in the business world is another great way. People may also find it easy to relate to something as common as Covid or a global event. For example, you can start with: “Covid seems to have changed everything!”

Most people will be able to continue such conversations with ease. Once you’ve built a good rapport with them, you can talk about work.

6. “Is this your first time at a networking event?"

Many people have recently realized that networking is a part and parcel of building a career.

If you don’t have much clue about how it works, you can use it to your advantage.

You can ask a fellow attendee if it is their first networking event. Once the conversation gets going, you can talk about their field and work.

7. "Working on anything exciting lately?"

This question effectively engages a person. You will get to know about their work projects and interests. Even you can talk about your projects.

And if you find this person genuine and exciting to talk to, you can offer help.

After all, that’s how relationships are built.

8. “Do you have any advice for someone like me – a newcomer who’s just getting started with their career?”

If you meet a thought leader or a field expert, you can ask for their advice on a professional aspect you are having trouble with. And if you’re a newcomer, getting advice from industry stalwarts can be a great start.

Asking for advice will not only help you in your career, but it will also help in building a rapport with industry experts. You can become a part of their network and perhaps seek their guidance to grow professionally.

These brilliant conversation starter ideas will keep you covered until you become an expert in networking. Start using these ideas and you will feel more confident and relaxed – the best way to make the most of networking events and mixers.

If you have some out-of-the-box ideas that have helped you start a conversation, tell us about them in the comments section below. Waiting to hear from you.

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