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15 Stunning Stats About Professional Networking You Must Know

Updated: Feb 1, 2022

If you are successful in what you are doing today, there is a possibility that you might have worked a lot to build networks and manage professional relationships. Sounds like you?

Yes, it is true that building a good network helps a lot to pursue a career or to achieve your career goals. It is a fact that job seekers are often asked about their professional networks i.e. whom they know, in an interview.

Sounds interesting? But this is not it.

Sharing networking stats that will definitely make you look at business and professional networking rather more seriously. So, let’s jump into it.

15 Surprising Professional Networking Stats and Facts

Listing a few astonishing facts about professional networking, based on the latest stats.

1. At present, 85% of jobs are filled using professional and personal networking.

Most job vacancies are filled without being posted on any job portals or websites. Networking has a wide impact on filling vacant positions in any organization.

(Source: Hubspot)

2. 79% of people accept the role of networking to achieve their career goals.

Networking helps people give correct shape to their careers. Without having a professional connection, achieving success needs a lot of effort, hard work, and time.

3. 61% of marketers believe that events are the most powerful marketing channel.

Events play a great role to boost your professional connections. Moreover, they help to add more value to your network.

4. 55% of people use their network connections as their main hiring sources.

People wish to hire employees from their network. Credibility, fear of the unknown, less cost, and effort are the main reasons that make hiring more effective through networks.

5. 70% of people received their current job title through networking.

It can be more clear from the fact that 80% of the jobs are not even listed on the job sites, as the people prefer to hire staffs from their networking only. ( Source: PayScale)

6. 57% of people think business cards are important for business networking.

The fact is supported by the stat that 72% of people judge a company by the quality of their business card and 39% don't prefer to work with the company having a not-so-good-looking business card.

7. In-person meetings are responsible for 40% conversion rate.

As compared to 16% conversion rate of not in-person meetings, in-person meetings have a very high conversion rate. The reason is that people tend to trust people more as they meet physically.

8. 79% of people say that networking is vital for career success.

People accept the importance of networking both online as well as face to face. Despite this, they cant stay connected with their network due to less time.

9. 78% of the startups succeed due to networking.

Entrepreneurs use networking as the panacea for success. LinkedIn and Facebook are the vital ingredients for the success of startups, with 37% of entrepreneurs using Facebook and 56% using LinkedIn.

10. Share food and laughter for better networking.

People are at their networking best while at leisure activities. 38% of professionals, as per networking importance stats, think bars & restaurants are the most effective places for networking.

Some of the best places to build networking are cultural events, charities, job fairs, online forums, alumni events, classes, retreats, coffee shops, hobby clubs etc.

11. 24% of the personal networking likely to convert into customers:

Personal networking results in customer conversion because sellers and buyers meet, share their ideas, and build bonds.

12. 40% of professionals opt for online networking, rather than in-person:

After the COVID-19, businesses are more likely to opt for online networking, despite the fact that in-person is 24% more beneficial.

13. 49% of employees feel that online networking is easily accessible:

Adding to the stat, 19% find online networking more economical, whereas 70% believe that it allows them to attend more meetings.

14. Only 48% of professionals manage to stay connected with their network:

Contrary to the fact that 38% find it difficult, the major reason is timing issues.

15. 38% of professionals depicts that restaurants and bars are the best networking places:

It is the data for offline networking, but for online networking, LinkedIn and Facebook are used by most of the entrepreneurs, percentage-wise 56% and 37% respectively.

Ultimately, this data gives a fair idea about the importance of networking in your professional life. Networking can become your game-changer at any part of your career. It makes it easy to search for a job, hire staff, get a promotion or even start a business. Do we need to mention that a good network with good professionals will always have a positive impact on your life?


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